• Adam & Eve Angelic White Hot Wax Beads

Adam & Eve Angelic White Hot Wax Beads

Jax Wax

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      The easiest to use white wax used in salons all over the world. Bring out your inner Devil with Angelic

      Adam & Eve Angelic is the pure white wax with a heavenly rose scent.

      Formulated with titanium dioxide to reduce redness and stickiness. Angelic beaded hot wax is a fast setting wax designed with super glide technology for ultra-fine application whilst still remaining pliable.

      The optimal wax for removal of strong, coarse, fine or short hair types Angelic’s superior hair removal is perfect for all types of stubborn hair.

      Formulated without pine resin this wax is perfect for clients that suffer sensitivity after waxing.

    • Highly suited for Brazilian waxing.
    • 100% Synthetic Wax
    • Perfect for sensitive skin
    • Contains no pine resins
    • Formulated with titanium Dioxide Perfect for Brazilian waxing

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