• Acetone - Pure & Filtered

Barneys Acetone - Pure & Filtered 1 Litre


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LS500-1000 ACE

If you're serious about salon success, removing nail enhancements rapidly is essential and Pure, Clear Acetone is the industry benchmark. High quality, cosmetic grade acetone breaks down the tough bonds formed by acrylics and gels, fast! Nothing takes polish off faster and cleans nails like Acetone.

Without added water, MEK, oils or other buffers to cut costs, your Acetone is just that and all that - Acetone. Each batch of acetone filled for clients is carefully tested to ensure it meets standards for efficacy, clarity and purity to ensure you're not paying for water dressed up as acetone. By removing oils, dirt, polish remnants and other contaminants from the natural nail plate, Acetone is perfect for nail preparation and improves adhesion of nail colour, providing a clean and primed nail surface for colour application.

*Please note: Not available for Shipment to New Zealand.

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