Hard Wax.

Hard Wax offers a pleasant and more comfortable experience when it comes to hair removal.

Not only does hard wax provide an effective grasp of all hair types, but it is also perfect for use across sensitive areas of the face and body such as eyebrows, underarms, and bikini line. Hard Wax is ideal for use on fine to coarse hair in sensitive areas.

Using Hard Wax is a great way to minimise wastage in the salon setting, as there is no need for the use of wax removal strips. Hard wax can also be reheated and used again, minimising wastage from unused product.

When shopping for Hard Wax, don’t forget to stock up on your waxing tool essentials including wax pots, wax applicators or spatulas, bed rolls and the like. Barneys also stock wax kits and hard wax by the most reputable wax brands including Caronlab, Lycon and Jax Wax.

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