Betty Dain

Innovation is the stamp of Betty Dain Beauty Apparel

Betty Dain Betty Dain Creations began as a shoulder pad manufacturing plant in New York City in the 1940s and has evolved into a Miami-based beauty apparel powerhouse operating as a fourth-generation family business. Using talented sewing machine operators and a keen eye for style shifts, Betty Dain Creations has developed a thriving manufacturing and marketing business.

Innovation is the stamp of Betty Dain. Current with the latest trends, Betty Dain designs and manufactures stylish salon apparel and hair colour accessories that cater to the functionality and fashion preferences for today’s Hair and Beauty professional.

Barneys Salon supplies are now stocking Betty Dain products exclusively in Australia. The range consists of a wide variety of stylish capes in a variety of designs, colours and purposes.Shampoo capes

  • Shampoo capes
  • Styling capes
  • Kid's designs
  • Barber styles and designs
  • Aprons for the stylist
  • Client wraps and gowns
  • Satin pillowcases
  • Cutting collars;
  • And more.