Bead Wax.

Bead Wax is an ideal strip-free alternative to hard wax. Not only is it easier to measure out, melt down and dries quickly, it offers less wastage and makes for a more efficient service.

The quick-dry properties of beaded wax create an efficient waxing service without the need to use wax strips, plus, bead wax is known to apply like as strip wax and removes like a hard wax!

Using Bead Wax is a great way to keep track of usage levels as well as minimize wastage in the salon setting. Plus, our professional bead wax range is available from your favourite brands including Barneys Salon Supplies, Caronlab and Jax Wax.

When shopping for Bead Wax, don’t forget to stock up on your waxing tool essentials including wax pots, wax applicators or spatulas, bed rolls and the like. Barneys also stock wax kits. Be sure to explore the professional waxing supplies on offer at Barneys Salon Supplies.