Turn the winter salon blues around!

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Winter is the perfect time to explore new ideas in your salon!

There’s no need to go hard on promotions all the time – although don’t dismiss these all together! Try taking a different approach to increase your client relationships, your brand, your look and feel and your offerings. Doing so can ensure long term consistent revenue and client commitment.


Idea #1
Take this opportunity to rework your space:

  • Think comfort, something inviting, a space that welcomes clients in. A few added touches of softer décor and warmer colours can really lift the winter blues and remove the cold, sterile feel.
  • If the budget allows, look to create a winter warmer comfort space to perform easy treatments, such as foot soaks or pedis. Think lounges and rugs, cushions and tea. You could incorporate this in to a package and quite easily promote this as winter sets in. There are so many opportunities to rework your space for the seasons and coordinate with your winter menu.
  • Alluring scents also work wonders, so try calming and comforting essential oils, mists or candles. No harm in packaging these up and retailing these also! Try Now Peace & Harmony Blend Essential Oil available at Barneys Salon Supplies.  
  • Move your display cabinets around, try something different and create interest to a passerby. Change often piques interest for those who may otherwise not have considered your salon before. Plus, it gives you a great excuse to perform that spring clean we are often too busy to do!
  • If you can spare the time and the dollars, consider a design or interior consultant. They can assist you with a holistic approach to your salon layout and really align your treatments, services and space for more impact.


Idea #2:
Prepare a sound promotional plan for the rest of the year:

Let’s face it, often we leave promotions to their own accord. We mention them, we might even display them, yet do we really give them the attention they deserve? Even more so, when planned properly, you can control your promotions and related inventory levels better, and manage your salon budget for a more profitable outcome.

By now, you would have a general idea of the promotions your suppliers tend to offer across the season, you know the peak calendar events and you know this year’s seasonal trends. It may seem daunting, yet see what you can work in to your current offers both from a giveaway, add-on and incentive angle. What promotions can reflect your salon and your brand across each month going forward? If you have a targeted approach, you will find results speak for themselves!

Here is a quick list of promotional possibilities:

  • Is there an expo or local event you can attend as a sponsor? This can play into your networking avenue and keeps your salon front of mind during the quiet months.
  • Are there mutually beneficial relationships with local stores or community spaces, where you can co-brand and cross-promote? Think local Gyms, Pilates or Yoga Studios!
  • Brainstorm quirky promotions around key dates. Hint: Movember – Think male grooming and tailored offers for a worthy cause!
  • Have you got a loyalty program? If yes, then consider loyalty promotions for a particular month. Is there a gift or an add-on service you can entice clients with? What about an add-on heat pack during a facial service or a pedi!
  • Implement a winter only perk. Name your Sundays or even multiple days of the week that may offer an incentive to highlight different areas of your menu. Our idea: Lazy Sunday’s at your salon. What can you offer that’s a little different? Notice how other businesses incorporate a blended service approach? Is there an opportunity for you to blend services and treatments?
  • What about your business listings? Are your salon listings and opening hours up-to-date? Have you tried a Google Ad Campaign or refreshing your website information and services?
  • Remember clients appreciate a take home remedy or at home salon regime, especially when it is chilly outside. You can always create take home packs and how-to’s as an extended service. You can even offer these on your website and post them out. Try and think outside the square where you can, especially in the slower months.
  • Experiment with social media! You have a little extra time after all. Push out a few ideas, enticing treatments or specials and engage with your network. It is important to stay front of mind during the slower months, as the competition heats up during peak season, making it harder to get noticed amongst the summer social buzz.
  • Can you work with your suppliers to create promotions or deals? Can they provide additional marketing support or giveaways, or can you look to negotiate a deal with bulk purchasing to align with your promotion?
  • Take a look at the deals Barneys have on across winter. It may give you some ideas... https://barneyssalonsupplies.com.au/collections/specials



Idea #3:
Explore education in salon:

Education is so important. We never stop learning and new products, tips and methods continuously evolve in the beauty industry. Even if you don’t use or sell the product or treatment, it’s good to know when you are faced with the question’s clients ask about new treatment or product trends. The art here is to educate your client also and help them understand the difference between your product or service.

Product education: Test your staff with product knowledge and try to remember 3 key product or treatment features you can all use when talking to clients. Make it fun and create an internal staff competition!

Trends: See what treatments are on trend and upskill your team, so you stay relevant and up-to-date in the beauty therapy world!

Up-skill or refresh your skills: Venture out to see what workshops or courses your beauty supplier or local institute has on offer. After all we often find the busy times of the year difficult to leave the salon and learn something new or even refresh our skills. Tip: Ask if your supplier offer in-salon training! You may not even need to leave your salon. You could incorporate this as an offer to your clients and get them involved! Now there’s an idea! Have you had a look at the workshops on offer at Barneys? Click here to explore!


Remember, quiet times in salon are often the best. You can explore new ideas, create stronger client relationships and reinvent your menu and service approach. There’s education, product exploration and organisation to make your busy times ahead more streamlined, productive and profitable.


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